Logitech Belkin Qode Slim Folio Case Cover With Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad 2017 2018 Air Air 2 Ultra Thin Lightweight Water Repellent ~Mplt-Slimfolio

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Belkin QODE Slim Folio Case Cover with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 2017 2018 Air Air 2 Ultra Thin Lightweight 6mths battery Water repellent ULTRA THIN & INCREDIBLY LIGHT The Belkin QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case is ultra thin and lightweight, yet strong to provide a solid, stable work surface. And with a totally revamped typing experience, the Slim Style Keyboard Case takes tablet productivity to a whole new level. The overall construction and frame design of the Slim Style Keyboard Case is incredibly minimalist, giving you maximum protection without adding bulk. The frame is actually embedded into the cover making it virtually disappear once your device is in place. Works with: iPad 2017 2018 iPad Air 2 iPad Air IMPROVED KEYBOARD LAYOUT We've completely redesigned the typing experience to make it even more like using an actual laptop. The QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case is one of the only keyboard cases on the market to have the exact same number of keys as a laptop keyboard, so there's no sacrificing functionality. With a wider keycap shape and improved key pitch, the keys perform better than the competition, making the Slim Style the fastest and most comfortable keyboard case available. LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE The QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case will stay charged for over 6 months*. You can recharge the keyboard with the included USB cable. NO-SLIP VIEWING ANGLE This iPad keyboard case also has innovative precision-hold magnets that keep your device at the perfect viewing angle, securing it so there's no shifting or slipping, even while typing on your lap. CHARGE WITHOUT REMOVING YOUR IPAD Convenient cutouts in the keyboard case give you access to all the tablet's ports and buttons. You can charge your tablet or snap a quick photo with ease - no need to remove your device from the case. FOLDS FLAT FOR COMFORTABLE HANDHELD USE BELKIN QUALITY GUARANTEE